girls in dresses

all i see are girls in bikinis and no clothes on at all ( not that that’s a bad thing…}
but something for fancy party posing

with a zoey headhack or any female head with face posing would be apreciated


If someone were to make this, I suggest they take the woman model from Human Error (mod) and headhack that.

do you have a picture? i would like to see what she looks like

There’s literally hundreds that could be easily ported from Oblivion mods. Only problem would be making head models, since those don’t port as well.

And yes, they are modern-looking. I can’t link directly to the galleries for some reason, so just click the images tab:

And there’s thousands more. Oblivion meshes include the full body, minus the procedurally-generated face, so the port should be pretty straightforward. There’s .NIF importers for most editors, no decompiler or 3DRipperDX needed.

I’d do it if I could figure out how to get a working ragdoll in Source. Stupid Blender exported…

the first and third links look pretty good, i don’t like the second one though…

Those were just a few examples. There’s literally 72 results for the search “dress” on that site, and most of those results are packs.

If someone’s willing to do the headhacking, I can do the rest. We need more stuff like this.

i like this ALOT
and this

Like I said, there’s a million. If someone’s willing to rig/headhack, I’ll do the rest. Actually, rigging might not be needed, since the .nif includes a rig.

PS: Don’t go to the “adult mods” section of tesnexus without brain bleach handy. Just to let you know.

srgt.shotup did a few headhacks before, i think…

i like the idea , this could lead to random posing and epic movies of like house partys ect