Girls in Rust?

I want see Girls character in Rust.
I dont like how is only guys in Rust, like it was World of Gays. :smiley:

I’m gonna go out on a limb and contradict myself to hopefully remind others that this thread is a bad idea, dont post here cuz it’s worthless. Let it die guys!:eng101:

Congratulations! You are the one millionth customer to post this! You win a prize… :dance:

been suggested repeatedly, will probably be introduced eventually at the risk of idiots in rust having another thing to whine about/discriminate against.

as thor said, nothing else to say on this one. it’s been discussed to death.

If girls get added then dickgirls should get added too.

Still say we need sheep… girls aint as soft.

I’d rather a Battle Cat.

What’s wrong with gay people? Don’t be prejudiced.