Girls Night Out

Plus 1 hunter :smiley:

-L4d infected don’t have fingerposing, or handposing?
-Inspiration from Urbanator, but i can never live up to his talent, hopefully this pleases you mighty Urbanator
-Female Common on right is biting jills finger off
-Female Common on left is biting her arm

bonus Jill

Your avatar is amazing.

Pics are okay.

Why does it looks like a Witch isn’t absolutely owning her?

I love them, but in the first pic, doesnt look like she is in pain, but like she’s about to orgasm.

Just sayin’.

Second pic is good though.

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Now i know where the hunters goin :smug:

i like your stuff fort!

she be holding her, bit o girl on girl action

Witch Actually Have Faceposing…But fuck i love those Image and Jill