please i need some girls ragdolls for a comic i making if someone have a ashley graham link or something i need

I wonder what is

Try doing a search next time instead of making a blunt request.

I like how you linked him to a page with only 2 results. . .

Anyhow, has 3, and if you search Girl, you are bound to find a bunch.

I think he showed the fellow a link to an ashley graham link but I might be wrong…

I pointed him to a search link for Ashley Graham, that’s why there’s only 2 results. Maybe if you re-read the latter half of their post, you will see that he asks for a link to find Ashley Graham, which is why I provided the link in my previous post. Still, not like he couldn’t search for them himself anyways.

haha people are always requesting her

nope i want something more innocent cute…not like those women :

I can post the Ashley Graham model if someone else can rig it. Might as well.


It’s already rigged and in gmod. There’s no work to be done here. You should have read a bit more carefully.

You wanna be more specific with that? Nobody can help you if you don’t speak up.

Im trying to get someone assistance to help make Ashley a player model. Sadly, She is just not on the right bones to have animations and what not. She doesnt even have working face posing or anything becuase her model is so old. Just some physics.

Eh, probably best not to talk about it in this thread. If you read the OP a bit more carefully you can see he wants ragdolls for comics, not a player model.

Well he(OP) got himself perma-banned. So I don’t think he’ll be here for a while.

Tango Down!

Don’t be so sure he was permabanned, according to the post he was banned for it wasn’t permanent. He’ll probably be back in a month or so.

If you read his post in the Refuge Camp he was perma’d for being a prick to the mods.