Girly Machinima walk tool

Ok,Dont give me this shit about wrong forum cuz it is in the Lua one too and i need new models for it,so thats why its here. .I seen about 2 “Machinima Hands” and i prefer girly ones.So i was wondering if someone would make me a Girlish Skip-Walk swep

Is a rough idea of the walk…the run would be the same as always,excpet swinging her arms from left to right…Also,when you main click,could the player bend over a bit and giggle like so:

i know this might take AGES to make.When i say giggle,i mean a little sound effect of Rikku from FFX-2 giggling.^w^…Soo…Thanks in advance.Oh and dont be a dick and go “This is stupid” cos all my threads ahve tht,and its kinda annoying :slight_smile:

Um, this is the right place but you’ve got it all wrong.

You’d need a new animation set for this not a SWEP. Though you proberly would need a SWEP for the bending over bit, though I have no idea how you’d do that (some sort of pivot I suppose).

Edit: I rated you “artistic” as it is an interesting idea :slight_smile:

Yea,im not too good with that stuff.But then theres getting it into an addon format and making it work

Addon format is the easiest bit (that I can do but I made a tutorialish thing for it so I don’t have to :P)

And even if it was made,it’d be hard when coming into use…and coming up with a name for it XD


But i requested an emo skin…so when thats made i have a use XD