[GIT:SAC] I'm almost there! (Description: Very basic, running through an art hall.)

Running along. Ghost in the shell inspired.
The reason this one is so terribly basic is because i crashed while posing it, and was only able to take one screen. Originally it was planned that she would be engaging optical camouflage. (Which makes her invisible)
THREAD MUSIC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOM8w4TutVE#t=5m4s


Wow that is amazing, are those glasses edited on?


Woah, her skin tone make her look as if you photoshopped a running person into it!

Nice job

Why is the bridge of her nose and part of her glasses so blurred?

Could you give me link to that model?

It’s the shadowing from the glasses.


The model you are seeing here is http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=716075 only heavily photochopped by me.

So your not making a Ingame Reskin??

Awwww :suicide:

silly you use photoshop to make skins

But he is mearly editing pics, not reskining her.
Or is he? :v:

I dont know really, if so, pardon my ignorance :stuck_out_tongue:

she is reskinned but her hair and glasses are done via photoshop.