[GIT:SAC] Two Section 9 members stand in a city.

Two version here, i couldn’t decide which one was better… rain or no rain, pick the one you like.
THREAD MUSIC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOM8w4TutVE#t=5m4s




Creepy for some reason.

They’re comin’ to get you.


Bad for them. My CPU will trigger my nuclear energy cell to detonate if someone tries to hack it. They’ll go pew.


Saito will just destroy your cyber brain from a long range with his rifle, then.

Wonder how, because my “brain” is just a small CPU chip sealed deep within my hyperalloy skull, and even a Barrett 82 would make only a small scratch to the surface.

Tell them to get a plasma rifle and see if it helps. I doubt so though.

They can use anti multiped weaponry fired from a overhead helicopter to freeze you in your tracks via a gummy material, then get close enough to plant demo charges.

Looks quite cool. Rain is fairly nice.

I like it, mostly because I love GITS.

Oh damn, looks really nice.
Rain is pretty a-okay.

Reskin of Faith?

Yes, i’m putting your model to good use.

I do too.

I like everything about Faith at the moment I don’t quite like the rain, and the guy on the right’s pose is kind of strange. Not all too bad of a picture.

Yeah, his arm wouldn’t go under the rifle so i just posed him like that, i thought it looked kinda awkward too, in all honesty.

That reskin is ALMOST perfect, but…
THE FINGERS! The nails are showing, and since she is wearing gloves they shouldnt.
Fix that mate, and you will have a perfect reskin.

Doesn’t look like motoko at all D: It needz maor b00bz. Honestly -
But it’s all good. That eyepatch guy looks cool.

It’s the best i can do for a Motoko without having a dedicated model, if you want to try better… be my guest.
But no, it doesn’t need more boobs.

Not sure how i’d fix that, i’m not a big time skinner.

I would fix but I’m not great with normals.

You just need to iron/clean the normals on her hands.
There must be a tutorial for those somewhere, cant be that hard I guess.

You could ask someone too! :stuck_out_tongue:

True, i think i’ll do the easier route and just photoshop them smooth during post processing, though.