Github and servers

Recently I encountered a community that has github linked to all there servers. This makes it so the owner can use github to edit the servers and add new content. This community is ttt-fun.
Someone explain to me how this would be done. Not asking to be spoon fed, just how to use github to do this. I know there’s a github server application. Also, I have a linux vps.

Git clone/pull + copy files to server dir?

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Just a guess

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5 min Proof of concept

@echo off
Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion rem probably not necessary, i'm stupid

if not exist concept (
	echo inital creation...
	git clone
	goto update
) else (
	goto update

echo updating...
set backdir=%CD%
cd concept
git pull
cd !backdir!
xcopy /E /Y concept C:\Users\Zerf\Desktop\myserver /EXCLUDE:excludelist.txt
goto end



\.git\ might be of help

Thanks all for the support and ideas, but I just remembered it isn’t git, it was bitbucket.

P.S: Sorry for late response.

bitbucket = github
Both act as a repository that stores code and can be called by git.

Yeah, the code I posted above would still work.
You’d just change the website part.

Ok thanks! Also, the repository would and should be private (you don’t want other people with your server content), so how would you let it login in that script. I don’t know if there is a program for bitbucket, but I would know how to do it for github.