Gits ai helicopters [jigabachi]


converted from “X operations” custom contents


Not made by me.
I only ragdolled.(Skin was a bit edited from original by me.)

note:Re-release and modify are free as well as the original XOPS file.



What the fuck.

:smiley: reminds me of strider’s cannon penis

same :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The fuck is that, looks all werid and funky.

It might be alright bar that giant fucking ball sack with a chaingun!?
Seriously which tit thought that’d look good or be in any way practical?!

Oh wow brilliant :smiley: Keep em coming ^^ (have you got any more GITS stuff?)

Yeah, how about someone remove the ballsack chaingun :v:

Because its kinda what its suppost to be? (pic from google)

(couldn’t find a pic from the anime, so its a model, looks the same though :P)

Also see here

This would look badass without the Weird-O Dickie Chaingunomatic 3000 mounted underneath it…

I like the sack-o-chaingun. Reminds me of some flying insect with a large stinger type thing.

Thats what it’s meant to be like, if you looked at the Wiki link I put, I think Jigabachi is a type of Japanese Wasp.

Aaah, that explains it then! I didn’t look at the link(I’m lazy :P).

Lol that looks really stupid and un-practical (if that’s a word)

I think it’s pretty nifty looking…

The rotors aren’t even large enough to support the weight of that heli.

Looks awesome. I love the design from GitS

I am not sure how or why such a small chopper can hold a very large ammo drum on it’s back during flight without losing speed or even hold it’s attitude when in a deployed attack position.

But thank you for converting this… please keep them coming.

Thanks many comments!

Their concepts were designed based on wasp.

Styles might be unpractical,but I still love that.
Anyway,have fun if you can. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is an action scene.

This is my final stock for gmod.
The auther released the multi leg tank from the first movie.

I already tried to ragdolled, but it is hard to pose and I gave up.

I’d happily have it anyway :smiley: more the better ^^