GitS SAC playermodels

Not sure what all goes into a request, so here goes:

Player models for the Major and Batou specifically, but other characters would be pretty awesome. Loadout gear preferred (such as in the first ref image), though I won’t bitch about any specific clothing.

Seems there’s already a Major model floating around, but the download link is dead:

Another request thread:

Ref images:

the Major:


Oh good, an anime with a girl who is too lazy to put on pants and Steven Seagal. Of course this would get a request.

Is that any different than GI Joe models, furry models, nude models, or otherwise?

Hey, hey, don’t diss the Joe.

Otherwise, no difference whatsoever.

I will be glad to check out with a re-upload of the original model (link’s dead now) if anyone has it laying around.

I would request that the models should be ported from both the PS2 GITS: SAC game and from it’s sequel on the PSP by the same name for some reason. That would be awesome, including the weapons and enemy models.

In fact, I would recommend porting everything from the 2 GITS SAC games!

Still looking, and having no luck; anyone willing to give it a shot?