Give a zombie a pistol?

How hard is it to give a zombie a pistol and for it to use the proper animations?

If I give the zombie a weapon it doesn’t equip it :frowning:

Zombies don’t use conventional firearms or melee weapons, and thus it is not in their animation tree nor in their AI.

And besides, how screwed would we be if the undead begun to march upon us with firearms?

you need to use expression 2 to do this

It’s ok, i’ve figured out how to get NPCs to attack props very well now.

God damn garry for destroying the wiki!

Well, he is making a new revision to GMod. You should be grateful :v:

I am, but the proper solution is to disable the wiki from being edited… not delete everything and then put up a mirror where the search feature is useless 90% of the time.

You have no idea why he’s doing it do you

Nope. I like sitting in my own bubble :smiley:

for a zombie to have a pistol you would have to make your own animations

and AI

You could as a little hack create a citizen and bonemerge a zombie model onto it, making it use the citizen animations gun animations

Of course it would then use the AI of a citizen, you could use the same technique but with an SNPC instead though

I remember way back you actually could give NPCs weapons that they couldn’t use, but they went into the T-pose and the weapon was positioned in their belly. Sometimes they couldn’t fire it, either. I wonder if that’s what happens if you give the NPCs the capabilities to use weapons, but not the animations?

Vortigaunts. They don’t have the T-pose, tho.

for those rating me dumb, I’ve seen it done before, and it’s not that hard

will post code.

lol. Don’t bother, it’s wasted on them.

Edit: Besides, e2 is wire, and wire makes gmod boring and unstable.

@name Npc tool giver (Headcrabs)
@outputs TheCrab1



  TheCrabs = findToTable()

   #TheCrabs1 = TheCrabs[1,entity]
   TheCrabs1 = TheCrabs:removeEntity(1)

replace headcrabs and rpg accordingly

script courtesy of “sweetness and blushes”

There’s still no animations. And btw, the AI doesn’t know how to use RPG…

it’s not a dickgun, so it uses the animations that are most analogous to the model. and no, the AI can use RPGs.