Give me a good RP server to play in.

Anyone have know of a good RP server where people actually know how to play? Sick and tired of going into servers where everyone is either a cop or a hitman just so they can get away with murders.

No Dark RP

I suggest forum rp. (Go below a few pages to check it out)

Good RP? Hah.

sandbox. the best serieus gamemode you can get! too bat for you it isn’t rp!

If you’re looking for good “Serious” RP, I suggest just looking for another game, some MMO’s got some good roleplaying features.

RP can be done on any server but needs cooperation from both the players and admins- sadly, most people just whip out their CounterStrike weapons from the weapons tab and go around killing everyone. is a good RP server to play in

Try this; it’s a build rp.
It’s a relatively new server, and we’re totally open to new players. We’ll be changing the map soon.
I seriously want to rp too, rpers are hard to come by these days.

There are none.

I agree with Afromana, you should try other games. I actually roleplay in GTA IV which is quite fun if you’re using Simple Native Trainer (which allows you to change your model and much more).

If you have some people who are willing to RP, any server.

If you don’t, you’ll have to get lucky and find a server that does.

Good because you own it, correct?

Really, your best bet is to set up a server yourself, password it, then give a few of your friends the password.

Ive had way too much fun doing this.
I just set up a Hamachi server (Had no IP knowledge at the time), Got myself a map, used DarkRP, invited some friends.
I can say that It was way more entertaining then any server Ive played on to date.

pro tip : don’t play DarkRP.

Protip: Don’t use Protips.

What are good RP servers?

If you do what i said, and make it a private server, it works just fine you know.

The TnB STALKER RP server. Good stuff.