Give Me A Reason To Travel Further Afield!

My clan and I always set up camp in an area with abundant resources (wood, stones, animals etc). It’s recently dawned on me that once we’re established, we never have a reason to travel very far and consequently never leave our little bubble. Even when we raid, we just “pop down the road” and once you’re bp’d up, why bother raiding a radtown. I remember at the beginning of a wipe, we look at the map and say right we’re heading there and travel further in an hour than an entire month of gameplay. With the introduction of maps and upcoming vehicles, it would be cool to have a REASON to travel to far off lands. Unique resources in certain biomes/areas for example

But there is none. As I told, it is a farming game yet. You build a giant castle, you raid a giant castle.

they should make each biome have a crafting element to them.

they should make exploration achievements.

they should make it so each landmark has a special crafting item that unlocks when you are at its location, this item can be crafted only at its location. Taking this item to another landmark will unlock a reward. ( See trade route between all landmarks )

grass land should have more danger animals, since weather is not harsh. ( Lion, leopard, packs of wolf etc giant bird of prey maybe )

Eventually you will be able to sail between servers.

Even just having a resource that’s only available in certain areas would help. The crystals in the snow biome were good, but they seem to have disappeared, and for now only gave regular resources.

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they should make each biome have a crafting element to them.

This is a powerful suggestion, and in terms of gameplay will be the strongest factor to influence moving around. OF course as it is some biomes have better materials than others, but strategic base placement allows plenty of all resources, and this is HOW IT SHOULD BE. I shouldnt need to travel accross the map for basic materials that are used in nearly everything. What I SHOULD have to travel accross the map to find are things that would allow me to make:
-Top Tier items; have different biomes all have a part of what you need
-Dyes; Want to dye your clothes? get the right materials in the right spot
-Novelty items; Instruments, Camera, non combat/survival items

Just my 2 cents. I think traveling to make a secured base and all the basics should not be needed, but getting all the fun things as well as reagents to make customizations should require exploration!

@trustinrocks It is on the mind map under Definately -> Server Transitioning -> via Sea

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I think I’m on the same page as you. It’d be cool if you had to travel to get luxury resources. Not stone/wood.