Give Me Back Singapore Official Server Please !

Yo !
Just like the title, i want u guys to give back singapore official server
Idk why, the SG server just suddenly missing
And its not back (until now)
I miss playing @ that server
Got many friends there also
Yeah, theres so many modded and private server, but the feel is not the same when u play modded, and when u play community the player is not so many
And also, all my friends from there not playing rust anymore… because they dont like modded server, etc
We also cant play other official server, because its all EU and US, the ping so high
yeah i miss all my friends on SG server, now they all gone…
They stop playing RUST and they say will only play back again if theres an official server on SEA
Hopely u guys will hear this :’(

Community or modded? Why play official unless you hack or play with hackers.

u know, when u play modded one, its not like the official server
theres so many mod
and here on South East Asia, the un-modded server isnt have that many players
the player only below 10 ppl

And hacker is 1 thing, but if u hack @ official server u get VAC ban
and if u hack at modded server u hardly get banned by VAC

the feel just different from playing modded and playing the official server
thats what i want to say

why all the Official server located @ US and EU ?
why they erase singapore official server ?

Clearly you understand how VAC works. And how server admins on community servers ban hackers much faster than VAC does on any server.
Wait for official Experimental servers once it’s playable, legacy isn’t being supported anymore and more and more official servers will be switched off. You’re better off finding a good unmodded community server.

the point is not the hack
idk u play the official server one or not
the feel is different
just go search where unmodded community have ppl more than 10 in here
the private server also WIPED frequently
the official not

and also all the ppl from around the world pay the same price
but why the official server only on US and EU ?
Why they delete singapore server ?
not even 1 official server on asia now
and they still managed to have some servers (more than 1) on US and EU
is it wrong that i want Singapore server back ?
its not just about the hack, not about Experimental

Dude, then why did you mention it in the first place?

I did, they suck. My opinion.

I’m running one of those.

See the problem here is that this is what you think they are but simple fact is that you just haven’t found a good community server yet. My server never wipes. Have you ever been on it? No. Still you’re talking about them as if every community server was the same. There’s a shit ton more community servers with different settings. There’s a lot of community servers that are almost like official servers. You just have to sift through all the shit before you get to the gold first. Fact of life actually.

As I previously said, legacy is dying and official servers are being turned off. You need to deal with this, there’s nothing we can do about it.

This is actually a legit question, I don’t know who hosted the asian servers but they decided that they don’t want to run them anymore. Still, nothing we can do about it.

No, it’s about your preference of servers which is a very prestige thing to have in an alpha game that is being remade.

tl;dr there’s no point complaining about official servers anywhere, those people who host them don’t care. they’re gone and they probably won’t come back.

it’s a shame your favourite server is gone, but there really isn’t anything you can do about it. make a website or a blog, friend everyone who was there and move to a new server together. reality is whoever was hosting it isn’t anymore, and given that legacy development is basically frozen, odds are the rest of the official servers will close too eventually.

maybe they will allow you to host your own eventually, but until then you will have to move on like anyone else who has lost their favourite server.

  1. i didnt mention at first place but that CrackWhore guy say that official is server for hacker
    please read

  2. maybe for u its not good, maybe u dont have friends there, maybe u pawned a lot or something else
    u have ur own reason
    but for me official is better than all other shit server

  3. whats your ip address ? cause until now i only find 2 modded server with many ppl 24 hours, one with 40+ ppl, one with 20~30 ppl at peak
    and they r wiped frequently, and i havent see community server with many players daily around South East Asia or Asia
    or maybe when i search servers, ur server only got below 10 players

  4. and yeah see my title, i even use the word “Please”
    and i also say that theres still some from US and EU, and not even 1 server from asia. Not even one !

Let me just set this straight, okay? You started talking about VAC as if you knew how it worked without actually knowing how it worked:

You brought this up yourself as an argument and a problem that is handled better on official servers than on community, which is not the case. VAC doesn’t care about what kind of server you’re on. I have clarified that you speak out of not knowing all the facts that you bring up (yes, YOU brought up the apparent FACT that VAC bans faster/more on official). This is not about who wrote ‘hacker’ the first time in this thread, it’s about not knowing facts but acting as if.

Or maybe official servers are not supported by active admins and just randomly die, like this one did. Hmm… Not saying community servers don’t, okay? Don’t get me wrong again. But community servers at least have a contact where you can send your problems to, official servers are just dead unmanaged dummy servers and everything can happen to them without us being able to do something about it.

I’m very aware of what you write. I’ll still tell you the same thing. Whoever hosts them doesn’t want to spend money on them anymore. Not a thing we could do about it.

I’m sure at this point everything relevant about this topic has been said so let’s just let this thread die, find a new server, deal with the first-world-problems you’re experiencing. What doesn’t kill you makes you strong.