Give me Ideas on things to map?

I am looking to get into mapping, and I have the very basics down. I was thinking of having the FP community give me some ideas on maps to make to improve my abilities. I’m not very skilled or knowledgeable, so don’t give me insanely awesome ideas, more simple maps. An example: a map which has a button that triggers a fire to ignite. (okay, maybe not THAT simple.

I am mapping in HL2: Ep1

Fire away!

Go to requests and find a Lua guy who needs a map done for his gamemode. That’s what im doing

if i were you i would not have made that announcement because the immature kids havent seen your post yet but they will and they will do their ego rages on you especially if you don’t want to make an rp only map. Im moving all of my map and lua projects off of facepunch and to my own servers because if the lack of maturity and professionalism that’s lacking from members who have experience and staff that has none.

Just something to keep in mind though, this thread will most likely (when euro school brats get home) derail and become closed.

Best option is to keep things to yourself (especially since your new), find a few people who are grown up abit and know what they’re doing, get an svn server and some bs website for it like a free host or forum board and work off that.
All you would use FP for would be the team recruitment post.

as for map ideas…skys the limit there. Maybe map your room but do it like a rats map.

If you don’t like it here, feel free to leave. :byewhore:

so you’re basically saying that you’re too good for us, all of us are immature, and the only time we’d be useful is when you need more people to join your team?

alright that’s cool i guess

@OP try making a simple single player map, it’d be good practice for some NPC scripting


I’m pretty sure idiot ‘brats’ come from both sides of the Atlantic (and beyond).

Everyone loves post-apocalyptic maps, like Juniez said, single player maps can help you work on your scripting.

^^ always the assumer humm BJK?
Not all euro kids are bad i take it back, to a point.

i never said i was better than anyone else, just telling him some advice and how i see things on here.

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this is true, there are some bastards over here too.

-sorry I’m starting to derail the thread snip-

Aaaaaaand thread de-railed…

OP check around for some tutorials on mapping, watch all the videos on youtube apart from a guys called 3kliksphillip, everyone is fine, also go check out, don’t ask people what you should map, look at real life references try mapping an area near your house, a local point of history or something. Draw up some ideas, adjust some things and then map!

Hope it all goes well for you in the world of mapping, welcome!

Do not follow what this man says, Hes a terrible mapper and uses bad methods.

Wait, me or 3kliks :saddowns:


Try to make a simple roleplay map like rp_downtown_v2 but don’t make subway !! My opinian

But nobody likes Downtown.

Melinda you never said you were any better, but you say facepunchers are shit so by extent you’re telling us that you too are shit. As far as I see it.

He told op to stay the fuck away from him. By the looks of that sphinxa isn’t exactly 3kliks biggest fan.

@op, my best bet would be stay away from all the generic things like googling “pripyat” or “abandoned building”. Instead I’d try my hands at mapping something more closer to you, like for instance some cool building or place where you live. That way you make it a boatload easier for yourself to be original. I’m also sure you’ve gone “hey I’d like to recreate that…” when you’ve seen some movie or something. This whole thing where people are trying to either recreate the style of other peoples maps, but doing a bad job of it is getting really old.

There’s a Railroad near me, I’ll try to map the area I can see from my window.

Sounds like a good project. Good luck to you.