Give Me Ideas!!!

Ok, so here’s the dealio. I’m just starting out with mapping and I want to get some practice before making mods and stuff like that. Annoyingly I can’t think of any really cool ideas. I just want anything that would work as a linear half life 2 map.

Half Life 2 maps are mainly Urban, Warehouse or Citadel themed, try them?

Jungle warfare map.

An underground torture complex with a hidden entrance inside a hut.

I meant that plays in Half life 2 but I am trying to do a combine map.

That sounds cool! I’ll give it a go as it could use a lot of hammers capabilities


I don’t know if I’d be able to do a good looking jungle or the warfare aspect.

An island in 1942 that your attacking!..well the vid should explain a lot

Not so descriptive eh?