''Give me one reason why I shouldn't shoot you.'' Nick finding Francis in an office..

I’m sick and bored so I made this :v:. 2 hour edit, 10 minute pose. C&C please.




I can see the 10 minutes in the pose.
The lighting sucks In my opinion. You can do much better :3:

I hate flashlights.

Male witch? !??!

His eyes aren’t even looking at Francis. Your “2 hour” edit looks like you just slapped on an overuse of the burn tool around the edges of the picture. If you were aiming for a vignette then it doesn’t look like one. The light beam is really too solid and is overlapping Francis’ face, making it look like Nick isn’t shining the light properly on him. Francis’ face posing isn’t very fitting, I have no idea why he’s looking all smug with a pistol (pointed) at him. Finger posing is good though.

sorry if i sound harsh though :frown:

Wow. Two hours editing? Doesn’t look it.
I don’t think this pic is for me. Shadowing looks kinda wierd.

You spent 2 hours on that?.. I really hope for your sake you are kidding, looks like a 2 minute edit to me.

Pose is really bad and so is the editing, sorry to say.
These 10 minute poses and edits don’t need to be posted.

general posing looks ok, eye/faceposing is a bit off. Overdid dodge and blur, flashlight edit looks like shit, especially since the glow kind of devours the gun nick’s holding.