Give me some evil sentences for ulx gimps

The more the better.

Everything will be used.

“Fuck you, Rexter”


“I’m rather found of purple ducks, yellow ones are freaks!”

“You know the saying, Wake up Early, Grab life by the bollocks and drag it to school, beat it up, throw lemon juice in it’s eyes, rape it up the ass and exploit it for whatever it’s worth.”

I wish my anus could fit your entire cock senpai ~~~~

I lick cheese with my foot.
I wonder if unicorns could eat a taco.

I was fisting myself while taking a shit, turned out I was pregnant.

Sometimes I fucking wish Garry would join my fucking server, I want a fucking achievement!

Why can’t I use the Vortigaunt player model? What the fuck!

Why the fuck is my dick so small! I eat viagra and everything!

Sometimes, I dream about making cheese with my penis.

Hey guys, I’m selling dick cheese, 100% USDA approved!

Oh wait you asked for evil gimps:
Go fuck a duck.
The detective smells like cheese.
The traitors mom has a nice taco.
I might be the traitor but Gabe told me not to ghost.
Shrek is death.
Darn diddles, them tizzles got my nizzles. Fo rizzles.
(These are for TTT obviously)

I wish the holocaust was real

Hitler did nothing wrong
I like cocks in and around my mouth
Admins are all faggots
Please ban me
just got back from fucking my 12 year old sister, did i miss anything?
shrek came to me last night and now my anus smells like onions
jews did 9/11
people under 12 have a right to use mic chat too
DarkRP is the best gamemode ever made
I can fit 6 cocks in my mouth at once!

Not sure if it would work but /dropmoney 1000

.!ban self 0 “Apparently I was naughty enough for a gimp.”

Usually as soon as someone finds out they are gimped they start spamming chat so I prefer nicer gimps.

“You are all very nice people!”
“I must say this is the best server I’ve been on in quite some time.”

protip: code a !suicide chat command then set that as the only gimp so when they try to talk they kill themselves

Or just have them die when they talk and save yourself the entire gimp code?

Just like people suggesting to bind “say !noclip” to be able to use ULX noclip…

How is that the same?
One is a client trying to make his issuing a command easier.
One is the server trying to do a task on an event.

Also, just write a super dupe hook to make the gmod noclip work - Why ULX doesn’t do this?
Assuming you just let all admins noclip in ulx

hook.Add("PlayerNoClip", "WhyULXNoDoThis", function(ply) 
   return ply:IsAdmin()

That’s not what I said. He’s suggesting writing a function to be able to use a chat command that you can use in a gimp to it works.

I just made the quick assumption that that’d be just as inefficient as binding “say !noclip” while you can directly access the console command from a bind.

But after your post, indeed, it’s not so similar as I thought.