Give money every second when alive

How would I give a player $1 every second while the player is alive? I have the money system already done, but I just couldn’t get this.

in a playerspawn hook create a timer like this[lua]timer.Create(“AliveMoney”,1,0,
if ply:IsAlive() then
//give money here

uh… why did you put ,ply at the end?

Because the Function Is in the timer

Hey, thanks for the help! One thing, though.

It would be ply:Alive() instead of ply:IsAlive(). I did get it working.

Change (“AliveMoney” into (“AliveMoney”…ply:Name()

Or when it’s going to happen for all players anyway:

[lua]timer.Create( “AliveMoney”, 1, 0, function()
for _, pl in ipairs( player.GetAll() ) do
if ( pl:Alive() ) then
– Give money
end )[/lua]

Additionally, if you still have the need to use the script above, the extra ply argument isn’t necessary. This works perfectly fine:

[lua]timer.Create( “AliveMoney” … ply:Nick(), 1, 0, function()
if ( ply:Alive() ) then
– Give money
end )[/lua]

That’s because ply is still in the scope of that function, so it can be used.