give moneys on flood mod

How can i give moneys on flood gamemode?

like " !give ‘name’ ‘money’ ".

and getting moneys by shooting props or break them

and making team system. sorry for too many requests.

i’m not so good at lua. so, help me

It would behoove you to let us know what system you are using for this “moneys” you are talking about, if in fact you are actually using something to keep track of this.

I downloaded this file. and i think it is “cash”, maybe

What? I am finding it very hard to understand what you are saying.

“Cash” means the money in the flood mod. Sorry for my bad english

just wire the moneys straight to me sar

I know what cash means, it is just your english I found hard to understand.

gtfo, seriously, faggot. If you don’t understand him you shouldn’t post then.

Giving players cash is simple, although you should ask in the lua help section and maybe someone will help you with it. All you need to do is make a chat command, then hook it up to the networked variable for money.

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it will be useful for me