Give Rust a better backround

The game plops you into the wild butt naked with a rock, torch and a couple bandages. No context whatsoever. Well first i think you should be able to customize your survivor. Once you are done, you spawn in the world with ripped clothes and maybe even some cuts around your body. Gives you the sense that you have been surviving in the wild and you are taking it from there. Maybe you were a part of a group of refugees escaping a massive war that has taken over your home. A cinematic first spawn would be a nice touch. (Also maybe some underwear would be nice? I know some people just love the fact that there are naked people everywhere but it is just my opinion. Not that important anyway.)

In summary:
-You have a custom survivor
-You spawn with ripped clothes and cuts
-Your first spawn is special and has a small and vague backstory
-No more pointless nakedness and maybe even underwear (if you guys REALLY NEED naked people everywhere i understand, this point isn’t quite as important to my post as the rest)

Let me know what you think! Post your opinion below

I know people are always like ‘‘U DUNT WAENT 2 SEEE DIKZ UR PROBIBLY GAI’’ but seriously fucking christ some people don’t live alone, you know. I don’t want my mom to look at the screen and see ten guys with their flaccid penises out chasing me down with stones. That would probably leave the wrong impression on her. Tattered clothes would be a lot better, and I totally agree with the cuts and scrapes part.

All this stuff seems really nice but customization will have to be kept LOOOOOOW or else this is going to turn into APB Reloaded Flaccid Penis edition. These are some really good ideas, but I think the storyline is going to have to wait until Beta.

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however tattered clothes or not Alpha testers should still get larger penises when the game comes out because we are cooler than all the other guys and it would be more realistic

Every you sad makes perfect sense to me, it is a little strange how much people feel the need for naked people in the game. But that isn’t my problem with it, i dont really care about naked models or not (even though they are unnecessary) as long as there is a backstory. This would make a lot more sense.

What was your name on APB?

Seems to me someone just wants to get rid of the crazy penis danglers all together.

Trying to turn it into DayZ RP?