Give server owners the option to completely disable C4 and Grenades at <X Player Amount

We all have played on a server where the people with no responsibilitys are on at 3:30 AM when there is only 5 people on, and quite frankly that is the time I hear the most C4 go off despite the low player amounts, People purposely raid at these times to avoid players, when raiding should be fire fighting and defending your base and overcoming the enemy as a greater force, If you allowed server owners to disable C4 at less than X players, It would enable servers to force fire fights, which is pretty much the point of rust.

What do you guys think? This would not hinder gameplay at all but it would give some more flexibility.

PS: By completely disable, I mean you can not use it, if you attempt to use it, it won’t even place on a surface, nothing happens, it’s like a ghost item in your inventory until there is greater number than X set players, maybe make the C4 Icon red like it’s broken if this option were to be enabled.

Making it clear, I have 0 issue with C4, I’m glad it’s in the game, and it would be a shame to see it go, however I don’t like that people that are awake at 3:00 AM get to free reign over anyone they want.

Your definition of ‘raiding’ might not match up to that of others. Some people might only be interested in your metal and such.

It’s also wildly unfair. Just imagine that YOU are the one logging in at 3:30 am, because it happens to be your prime playing time (timezone, nightshift, insomnia, etc). Every day, you log in and find yourself naked in the wilderness with your house raided, but when you try to get your stuff back you’re told you can’t because it wouldn’t be “fair” to the raider if you could raid him back while he is asleep.

If you are looking for something like this, play on a server where C4 and grenades do not damage walls or doors, and iron doors cannot be build.

Server owners already have the ability to make C4 rare and harder to make with mods.

For now, just use mods and modify the loot tables/crafting requirements if you want less C4 on your server.

I don’t like that you seek to restrict other people’s freedom so that you can better enjoy your own. You’re what’s not just wrong with gaming, but the world. You don’t get to decide how other people enjoy their free time. Stop being so self-centered. There are other people besides you and they play at different times.

Like the first reply says, mod the server you’re on, instead of demanding the entire game change for you and people in your “situation”. You wish things were more “fair”. Real effing fair, pal. What you meant was, “Please make it easier for me and all the other people who live in my time zone.” Did you even think before you posted? I’m willing to hazard a guess you’d still be demanding the change even if you were the only person in that time zone. You know why? Because it’s all about you!

We don’t live in your Youniverse!

He didn’t ask to completely change the game. He asked for another mod ability and you told him to use mod abilities…your response is nasty for the sake of being nasty.

Actually bud, you’re missing the point. He IS asking for the entire game to change. He is asking for development resources to be allocated to this feature he wishes to be included in the game. Which is why my reply was to MOD the server instead of asking the whole game be changed to accommodate only people who want to play the game like him.

My response was nasty because the OP’s entire post can basically be summed up in one quote. “I don’t like that people that are awake at 3:00 AM get to free reign over anyone they want.” Not even realizing that HE is having free reign over everyone who is awake at 3:00 AM because they are sleeping or doing something else during his normal play time. He is in fact being self-centered making a feature request that benefits him and people in his similar situation( hint: he doesn’t really care about the other people). Rest assured if he was a 3:00 AM player, he wouldn’t be making this request.

He wants his time in Rust to be easier while making other people’s time harder. He isn’t interested in improving the game, he’s interested in improving his game. So yeah, I was nasty and I will continue to be every time someone thinks they comprise the entire community. When community members start making feature requests without the entire community in mind, it becomes weaker.

Moral of the story: Don’t be selfish.

I think it would be interesting to see this a feature for PVP servers, but it would limit the gameplay of people who play on low population hours.

Whoa maybe that’s why he said “give server owners the option”. As in he is the server on, and wants to be able to shape his server his way. Read posts before you go on an unrelated rant.

How many developers and how much of their time would be taken to make this an option? It would be negligible and could end up popular enough to become a part of the game, maybe in a modified way or even as he is asking for. It’s like he asked for a glass of water and your defense is that we shouldn’t have to build a water treatment plant and cup making factory to accommodate him. The plant and factory exist already. Just give the man a damn cup of water.