Give tips, hints and anything helpful!

So I will be selling my paint ball gun for dirt cheap(45$) and the money that I get I will be buying rust. I have watched around 20-30 hours of rust gameplay I think I know what to do and I was wondering if any players have anything that I should know(Raids, Building, Surviving and everything in between). Not only post to help me but post for the new players that don’t know there way around.

IMO, I think it’s more fun to learn as you play. When I start a game, I want to have the feeling of finding out something I didn’t know that makes me go “Oh, that’s awesome!” It just gives you a feeling of accomplishment…kinda what games are supposed to give you.

Also, are you planning on playing PvE more or PvP? I assume the latter but it might be helpful to let people know.

I’ve watched to much game play on PvE via Skype, PvP is where I am starting

If you start in a radiated zone, you might as well run in and see if there’s something useful to grab and get out before your rads get too far past 450!

Build a wooden shelter and sleeping bag ASAP! You’ll need 80 wood. 50 for the shelter and 30 for a door.

After you have a shelter and bag start collecting that food! You don’t want to starve. Once you’ve got some food stored up get enough wood to build a storage box (30). Then you can go on supply collecting runs for more food, stone and wood so you can start building cooler stuff!

If you run into a naked guy just try the friendly route first and see if they’d like to group up. You MAY get screwed but you MAY also end up with a killer group that sticks together. That’s how I found my group of 5 guys and now we all group up in the same areas to build / raid!

I’ll be posting more videos in the future also.

For a beginners would be this:
When you log in for the first time start walking. Walk alot. Get used to the map and at the same time check all A.I buildings for blueprints. Don’t worry about dying, die alot!
When you’re familiar enough with everything try to find a pickaxe and start gathering food and wood to make a shelter whilst not dying for hunger. Then try to focus on things such as furnaces, workbenches etc. I wouldn’t personally craft any weapon expect a shotgun / m4.

I know the basic layout of the map, and I got a team me and my friend. I think crafting is going to be hard first but yeah man thanks!

I already got a nice map, but thanks anyways!

Well, at first, I didn’t even know the controls, so this may or may not be useful depending on how much knowledge you have:

Tab - Open/close inventory, crafting, etc.
E - Interact with object. If it’s a fireplace that contains wood, hold E to have the option to either open the GUI or to ignite it. Pressing it will automatically ignite it.
V - Voice chat. To swear at your good ol’ buds.
Shift - Sprint.
Space - Jump

The last two are quite obvious, but oh well.

And like that other guy said, the first thing to do is to place a wooden shelter and door. If you placed the shelter in a place you can remember where it is (For example, near that huge mountain or near the coast), you don’t need a sleeping bag right off the bat, but it’s best to get one, it will take a while to get to your base.

I’m pretty sure that wooden shelters disappear after several days, active or no, but I may be wrong. Hope this helped.

The controls were about the last thing I needed to know, the only controls I knew was tab and awsd. Thanks! And I think I already know where my house will be!