Give us offline defense

If I log out, with a gun in my hands, then at least make it so when i’m offline, if someone is in my house, at least make me fire off rounds and try to defend myself.

Are you a wizard? I didn’t know you could defend yourself while you’re asleep.

Rust isn’t about making you safe.

Defend yourself, don’t whine and beg garry to code in things to do it for you.

Find unusual and distant places to build your house.

Yea this is… silly.

If you want to be able to defend yourself while offline don’t ask for something ridiculous like this, ask for traps or alarms or something a bit more reasonable.

Also, I don’t trust anyone that uses Internet Explorer. :zoid:

Uhm, your base is your defense…The gun you sleep with is my reward for getting through your defense.

if you want to defend yourself , don’t offline

So your saying if someone blew your door up IRL with an explosive charge, you wouldn’t wake up and arm yourself and defend your home?

We aren’t “sleeping”, per se, our characters are unconscious.

If someone blew my door up in real life, the chances are whatever they want, they’re not afraid to kill me in cold blood while they do it, so I’d probably get the fuck out (assuming I was the only one home) and get help/call the cops.

Let’s not get too bent out of shape trying to compare Rust to RL. It’s a game.

In a game, if you die, you respawn. In real life, you’re dead and even if beliefs about reincarnation actually turn out to be true, the respawn timer is at least on the order of years if not decades/centuries. Also, you don’t walk around shooting naked bald rock-carrying men with a shotgun with four long-barrel rifles in your pockets in RL, either.

Well, maybe you do, and you should be put on trial, but ordinarily, people don’t.

Traps and such would be more realistic. I have yet to meet someone who could defend themselves in their sleep.

Maybe I am just crazy, but I wouldn’t let some lunatic bully me out of my home.

So essentially you want AI to play for you when you are not there? Umm ill pass

You probably are crazy, and it’s really easy to think that way right up until a fucking explosion sends your front door careening into your bedroom.

more like give us security cameras and an app that we can watch on our phones

If someone broke down my front door, we have a confrontation on our hands. If some insane fucker used explosives to breach my house, I’m running, because my life safety is far more important than stopping some guy from taking whatever it is that’s so important that he used explosives for a breaking-and-entering in a residential neighbourhood.

You don’t negotiate with someone who uses explosive charges to knock on the door and say hi. You don’t negotiate with someone who lets themselves in by ramming a tank through a wall. There are extreme situations where there is no sane reason for you to stay and fight unless you have a death wish.

Please keep all four limbs in contact with reality at all times.

And then your body fires as long he has ammo?
Or does he eliminate the enemy like a pro killer NPC? :v:

God, this idea is so bad (and placed in the wrong section).

I would honestly just like to have the ability to make traps…Spike pits, dart shooters, trip wires, nets, anything really.

Apparently, this is .Umbra whenever someone tries to break into his home:

And Rust should be the same.

I don’t know about security cameras, maybe more like an alarm system of sorts… There is a plugin out there called base alarm, it isn’t perfect as it only goes off AFTER someone breaks something that you “own”, but it’s a start. It gives you a text popup while you are on the server… If this could be made into an app, that would be kind of cool…

It wouldn’t do me much good lol, I don’t have access to the game for 10-14 hours a day, but I can see it’s value.

Omg base security cameras viewable from smart phone would be so much fun. It won’t happen though. Lol I could helplessly watch my shit get raided while I’m at work. Lol. Don’t find the secret room. Don’t find the secret room… FU*K!