Giving a DPanelList a horizontal scrollbar

I’d like to know how to give a DPanelList a horizontal scrollbar. I know how to give it a vertical one (DPanelList.EnableVerticalScrollbar) but it seems that horizontally it’s not possible. Anyone knows how to do this?



Dude, that has nothing to do with scrollbars: it’s basically the base of all of this, since I wouldn’t have needed a horizontal scrollbar if the parts couldn’t be positioned left & right from each other (which is what that function does)!

Really? I thought it added one automatically…

Well, then good luck with the DHorizontalScroller.

Let me take a look at it…

EDIT: No, most functions for creating a scroll bar are AccessorFunc’s. I tried by editing DPanelList and DVScrollBar to make it have a horizontal scroll bar, but didn’t work.

You could try and post a suggestion for Garry to include that specific thing into Derma. I see no need for it than to just make the panel wider, you have infinite* vertical space.