Giving a DTextEntry Focus

Ok, so im making a chat (yes its been done a few times before, and this is my 3rd WORKING chat. So i do know how this all works)

Im getting sick of source’s in-built chat functions frankly. I need to edit every message that goes through the server before it gets sent to any other clients. But thats not the problem.

I had an idea. A DTextEntry. When the player pressed their chat key, it would call GM:FinishChat(), and create a DTextEntry. IT would then need to give focus to the DText entry (otherwise, you would have to click every time, which is unpractical.
Two ways i can think of:

  1. The non-hax way. I wondered if there was an inbuilt ‘GetFocus’ function. This is what im asking you guys.
  2. The hax way. After it has called GM:FinishChat(), it would save the mouse’s position, manually set it to the center of the DTextEntry, then manually click, and reset the mouse. Id rather not have to do this, for reasons that are rather obvious


Dose anyone know any ‘GetFocus’ functions?