Giving a model face-posing: High poly face

As part of a porting request to rig Katey Green from Dead Rising 2, I’m trying to give her face-posing, but I’m having trouble with the large number of vertices in her face. The method I usually use is to move each point until I get the kind of expression needed for each frame. Since there are so many vertices, I’m failing at creating any convincing expressions. Would anyone be willing to help me out or provide some pointers?

Try using Soft Selection

Yeah soft selection bro, it’s a godsend.

Im afraid of what the gmod community will make if that gets in the game.

Detach the polies that you are going to be making the expression for (mouth area for instance) do the expression and reattach them

Oh yes, this is a great method too. I usually detach the eyes, teeth and back of the head as I do the expressions, then attach them back after.

How do I do the detaching and soft-select methods?

The settings for Soft Select determine the distance and stuff and how far off the selection area fades from the actual selected parts. Just experiment a bit with it.

-Snipped for figuring that part out-

What method should I use to detach the eyes and teeth? When I try to detach them and reattach them once I’ve created an expression, I can’t use the expression as a morpher target.

I think you need to detach it as element.

idk, this is what I think.