Giving a weapon from a table

In shared.lua I have

duelWeaponss = { "Sword", "Machete", "Revolver", "Fists" } --The nice-looking name of each weapon.

duelClassess = {}
duelClassess[1] = "m9k_damascus"
duelClassess[2] = "m9k_machete"
duelClassess[3] = "fas2_ragingbull"
duelClassess[4] = "weapon_fists"

in init.lua I have

dueler1:Give( duelClassess.duelWeppNum )
dueler2:Give( duelClassess.duelWeppNum )

(duelers are the two players that I wnat to give weapons to. I know that that part works)

duelWeppNum is the number given from a DListView, sent over from clientside. However, this code is breaking the entire addon, and not giving the weapon. What am I doing wrong?
Is there a way to check for a certain string in a table, and get the index of that string? Then use that index for another table to give the player the actual weapon?


The “.” Is used on tables when whatever follows it is a string key. So “tbl.yes” is equal to “tbl[‘yes]’ = whatever”. It does not work with integer keys as your “duelClasses” consist of. So change “duelClasses.duelWeppNum” to “duelClasses[duelWeppNum]”

Actually it’s tbl[‘yes’] not tbl[‘yes]’