Giving an ent on spawn


My problem is this:

if ply:Team() == TEAM_IRONMAN

fails to give the entity to the player and shortly after the console returns the error:

Crazy physics on [388][wt_rocketboots] [Ang:60.512974,-68.544815,59.495701] [Pos:-1918.743652,-1338.174927,-16394.453125] - removing

Thanks for any help.

Post the physics initialization code on said entity. You technically shouldn’t even need physics on it.

Right thats why i was confused
It runs off function GM:PlayerSpawn(ply) inside sv_gamemode_function inside Darkrp.

I know I know. I’m not supposed to edit core files. But there is no reason it shouldnt work.
Setting custom job speeds works with

    if ply:Team() == TEAM_RUNNER then
        GAMEMODE:SetPlayerSpeed(ply, GAMEMODE.Config.walkspeed * 1.5, GAMEMODE.Config.runspeed * 1.5)

I am curious as to why you modified the darkRP core files instead of throwing the code into a hook.

Haha idk i just put it in there. do you think if i put it in the autorun folder it would change anything?

Put it in the modules folder of darkrpmodification


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Put it in a playerspawn or loadout hook

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As for putting the rocketboots on the player with that team, call the function used by the entity to give them the ability (unless there is a visual difference betwern haveing the boots and not

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Thats how i would do it anyways