Giving away a darkrp server/my broken dreams!

So, ive spent shit loads of time (problably 40-50 hours) and also shit loads of money in coderhireaddons (about 100 dollars, and even more in hosting cost) into my darkrp server, started it up with 60 slots, and basically it’s going straight to hell. As of i hate this server extremely bad right now i wonder if there is someone who can actually use this. It is in my opinion a good server, many people have also agreed. All though there is some bugs, but they can all problably be fixed in about 2 hours. i know for sure that nobody would buy a server like this, you can feel free to add me on steam if your interested in the server and does would need it.
The host still hosts the server as of now, but it might stop very soon. heres the ip to the server (might or might now work):

A nice try at advertising your server?

Set up FastDL and you’d have a ton more players knowing the Gmod community…

Nope, not at all.