Giving CSS weapons ammo?

So beautifully simple is Give(“weapon_mp5”) and Give(“weapon_deagle”).

Now “deagle” ammo is Give(100, “pistol”). That’s cool.

What is it for mp5, sniper, etc? Is there a list somewhere?


CSS weapons bro.

CSS. Counterstrike.

Pistol works for deagle.

SMG1 and AR2 don’t work for MP5 though.

mm… I’m tired, all I read was weapons. :x 1 sec

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I use this in my code, [lua]ply:GiveAmmo(Weap.AMMO,tostring(Weap.NAME))[/lua]

example of a line: [lua]Weapon[19] = { NAME = “weapon_pumpshotgun”, AMMO = 3 }[/lua]

so it would be, [lua]ply:GiveAmmo(3, “weapon_pumpshotgun”)[/lua]


Did you try rifle and pistol ammo?

AFAIK the MP5 uses pistol ammo, where did you get the weapon source from?

They’re the default CSS weapons.

I still can’t get my MP5 to take ammo.

According to the Lua files, it uses smg1.