Giving custom rows a darker backdrop

Hey guys,

So I’ve been messing around with the TTT scoreboard and I was wondering what the method was to give custom rows a darker backdrop as seen below in the picture.

Any pointers would be appreciated! I have looked through the existing code but I can’t find anything. [SUB][SUB]maybe thats because its 1am and im a little tired[/SUB][/SUB]

It’s been almost 2 days and despite looking through the files again I’ve found nothing that points towards darker rows. I know it’s a small thing but this is really annoying me. Any help at all would be great, thanks.

I assume that you’re using Notepad+ +

  1. Open all the TTT vgui files.
  2. Ctrl + F
  3. Type in “dark”
  4. Click “Find All in All Opened Documents”

The rest should be pretty self explanatory.