giving FRIENDS ACCESS to your Door/House

my roommate and I made a big big big house for us to live in. they should have some type of keys or Friends list that you can allows certain friends to use YOUR door. maybe soon :slight_smile:

make two entrances. One door for you and one for him. So you can both get in / out? :stuck_out_tongue:

we did that but im not a fan of a bunch of doors all around my house when my other friends start playing. I just want to give them access. :slight_smile:

please, just please… search the forums before you make a pointless post that has already been suggested about 404 times :eng101:

first off im not here to really search through 404 post to see if someone has stated what I stated… and u can see the subject without having to click on the post… kthx

well its the rules and you aren’t going to get very far with that attitude

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the point of rust is to build settlements. like your own separate houses.
not have everyone share a base, this isn’t darkRP.

Rules are meant to be broken sir… this is the interwebz :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("search before you post, read the rules sticky." - postal))

If you’d do a search before posting (not trying to be rude), the devs mentioned that giving people a permission list would take away from gameplay.

They have been messing around with a “key” system. Make a key for your friend, if he dies…he drops the key with his loot…See what the devs are doing? This would absolutely keep the integrity of Rust while giving access to friends.

oh thats bad ass! Then you wake up in a field like a bad weekend in vegas with all your loot boxes empty at home. Double edged sword!

if you believe rules are meant to be broken then you should probably perform a self-vasectomy so our species can be free of your thought process in the future.

oh wait, you use the term interwebz, you should DEFINITELY do a self-vasectomy.

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Hybrid, why you mad bro? You just want to troll?

do us, and more importantly yourself, a favor and refrain from using memes or any reddit catchphrases it makes you look like you are unable to come up with your own thoughts and ideas.

Personally I wish that doors would stay as they are but also give chest padlocks, instead of someone just choosing what they want, they should have to physically destroy the lock to fain access.

yeah, you’re mad. Just sad.

b0ne, good idea!!!

all of your posts consist of you making a statement with no backup. and when people form rebuttals you think of ways to repeat your original statement. why dont you grow a backbone and form actual reinforced opinions

yea because my roommate and best friend for 5+ years would do that to me…

he’s talking about the possibility of your friend getting killed and dropping the key for someone else to use

You only need one person to forget to shut a door and your all screwed, I like knowing that I’m the only one able to access my stuff (unless I get raided)