Giving my gamemode for someone to Finish!

Hey, its been quite sometime since i posted here. If you remember me then you know i was working on a gamemode. I havent bothered with it in forever and lost inspiration for it, since ive started coding actual “GAMES”. To help understand the gamemode i was creating, it was based off of Call of Duty: Ghost; Cranked. If you would like to finish it or mess with it. I will provide that link here. Since I WAS the only one to actually work on a gamemode like this I would like some recognition if its finished an published, but its fine if you dont want to. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the help I received while i was here :slight_smile:

I looked at the code and my brain literally blew up.

I suggest you keep working on it. No one is going to finish this.

I know its ugly, it was intentionally made so only i can understand it perfectly :stuck_out_tongue: so it would be hard to rip a code from it. But now its biting me in the ass :stuck_out_tongue: I really have no use for it anymore, which is why i let you guys do what you please with it. :stuck_out_tongue: My time in consumed by producing and making actual games now :stuck_out_tongue: no time to work on a garrys mod gamemode.

And also discouraging any coders who might have interest in making addons for the gamemode…

It may be badly coded but at least he tried unlike most.

I’m probably not going to do anything with this, but I made the code tolerable.
There are a few things I didn’t fix that I can immediately think of:
-hook stuff
-sound(may be fixed)
-a little code consistency (however I fixed most of it)
-weapons are terrible
-might have broken some stupid “functionality”, can’t think of any though

Here it is though, if anyone wants it:

TO ANYONE WHO DOES WANT TO USE THIS (honestly not recommended):
Major missing features at this point:
-proper scoring
-menus (scoreboard)
-real player class variations
-better team setup
-better weapon setup
-map setup

It wasnt that far complete, like I said didnt have time to do so much, but i think i did good for my first thing i coded EVER :stuck_out_tongue:

This could be easily converted to my dev-base which will include a round system in the near future, a good weapon base ( realism intended, could be easily changed for balance ), realistic theoretical bullet system, and much more.

I did take a look and saw some functions that should be local, the HUDShouldDraw shouldn’t be a loop ( think 15 seconds vs 0.08 second run time when using loop vs direct access and running it 100 million times ):

I will be releasing some gamemode rewrites with my gamemode base in the near future; can’t promise anything on this one since I’m working on a lot already and with the limited amount of time that I can move per day.

But, why start something and not finish it? I’ll link my dev base below in case you decide you do want to complete it, or make it playable.

Hey, welcome to FacePunch.
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