Giving people admin on a server

Hello again.

I need to know how to give someone admin abilities on my server. Does it have something to do with modifying users.txt?


You should use something like ULX or ASSMod for that.

I installed ASSMod to the server, but I don’t have any of the admin tools and can’t spawn the admin SWEPs. Is there a console command or file I can change to make me admin?

Read the documentation for it.

you could just hit tab, i think. I’m pretty sure theres an admin button in there,

Are running a listen server? If you are, you should just be able to use Assmod’s “set access” feature.

I know how to give admin powers to people including you as long as you’re running srcds. Just follow these steps…

  1. Navigate to C:\srcds (or wherever you’re keeping the srcds files)\orangebox/garrysmod/cfg
  2. Edit “autoexec.cfg”
  3. Type “rcon_password (and then whatever you want the rcon password to be)”
  4. Start up the server
  5. Connect to the server
  6. Open the console when you’ve connected, and type “rcon_password (and then whatever the rcon password is in autoexec.cfg)” and hit enter
  7. Type “rcon status”
  8. There, in the console, should be a list of everyone in the server. In front of everyone’s names should be # and then a number. Remember what your number is
  9. Type “rcon ass_giveownership (and then your number)”
  10. Now you have full ownership of your server and should be able to use the set access feature to make people guests, respected, temp. admins, admins, and super admins
  11. Remember NOT to include the quotes when you type things into the console, or when you edit autoexec.cfg
    Good luck.

And another thing-- make sure you have the OFFICIAL version of assmod. Don’t get one of those crappy copies that don’t include the writer…

Or, as an alternative, you could just give whoever you want to be an admin the rcon password, but this is strongly not recommended unless you trust the new admin with your whole server.
I believe that knowing the rcon password is usually more powerful than just being an admin.

I can’t believe I actually helped somebody.
I feel all tingly inside now.

The last post worked. Thanks guys! You’re all a great help.