Giving textures that wet look.

Well, I noticed in the releases forum there was a thread about a rainy TF2 map, I’ve been working on my version of one since the vmfs were out basically, just trying to make it look right. Problem is, the textures look so boring, they aren’t any different to the normal ones, which just doesn’t look right in rain.

somebody recommended using specular to get a wet like reflection. I tried that, and all I got was this nasty eye rape, that looked kind of like plastic (I’ve changed the .vmt since then, no more specular). I’ve tried adjusting many of the things you can add to the reflection, like the tinting, and that didn’t really help too much.

I was wondering if anybody knew a good way to get it to look right, I was thinking, is it possible to have a animated texture over the basetexture? That could look nice if done right. and does anybody know a good way to make the specular not look so plastic?

Add specularity, and then add an alpha channel for the mask. I’d probably use the cloud filter in photoshop to make the alpha channel, by mixing a really dark grey with black. This will give you an uneven, subtle specular effect.

Ahh, I never thought of using mask, thanks, I’ll give it a go.