Giygas from Earthbound

Yeah i’m sorry to bother again, but is there a Giygas character model or ragdoll or anyone who can make it?


Yeah I think these would suit Giygas better

Ugh. Forget that sissy version ruined by devian artist.

This is the best one.

Then again I’m sure they ruined that one also.

Well I really don’t like the red sprial evil like face thing I really would like to see the other one, because it looks really appealing and they already have a map with that sprial evil face in the background. I mean this version of Giygas looks a little bit better and not to hard to work on.

Come on anyone can anyone help me please that would be very thankful!

I would also like to see this.
Also, the artist that made this design is known as Morphine. They are also known as CMMO.

Oh, and they do have some better pictures on their website. CLEAN ART

they also have some NSFW stuff here. NSFW-ART
Username and Pass for NSFW: morphine

The reason I linked to both is because it gives more references for someone who wants to make a model.

really… no one wants to do this?

I attempted to make one last night and failed miserably.

I want to do this but im still working on the speedy cerviche model wish i knew how to assign joints and give it face expressions.

if you make a model, you can ask someone to rig that kind of stuff.

well can you find someone to rig my speedy cerviche model or show me how?

I would suggest asking in the main Models/Skins section, as that seems to be where people are making progress on their models, rigging them, and other such things. And I’m pretty sure someone in the main section can probably show you a good tutorial. (since I can’t find one.)

Well, don’t take offense to this, but you could always take a Mewtwo model and tweak it and retexture it to fit the Giygas images above.

the only similarity they have is the tail, so that wont really work.

Well i still need help to finish my model on milkshape 3d so I can work on other models.

Sorry for the bump, but I’m also kinda interested in this model for a machinima.
Any progress? Also, Giegue, not Giygas. Giegue became Giygas when it lost control of it’s powers and became a non-physical form.

Well I am making a Giygas model now, but I still can compile the models I have so I can start my first episode of a video I am making.

I still think think it looks remarkably similar to Mewtwo. I would still suggest using a pre-existing Mewtwo model (like from Melee or the trophy model in Brawl) to save on time, this way you can easily make a nice looking model in short time.

Well not really only, but you can picture it the way you would think!