Gjail gamemode command line Help.

Just gotta ask here, searched around the “wide web” with no answers found. So this is how it is:

Decided to take down the sandbox server and turn it into a jailbreak server and let it run on Gjail 1.3.

I got 3 other servers so I actually know how all “that” works. But when I can to change the command line change, it’s then it got tricky. Tried all of the choices I could come up, but nothing. Of course I know I can go into: “Gjail 1.3 ----> Gamemodes ----> Shared.lua” and find the line: "GM.name: “Gjail 1.3” So I copied that, but I also know it’s “space” sensitive.

I also just reminded myself to put it to “Gjail1.3” but seems like another dead end. But it keeps on running on sandbox, had these problems before. It always solves after a day or two. But just wanted to check in here with you all knowing creatures. (You guys have helped me before and in return I go through all new threads in the gmod section to help other persons)

I’ve already been writing to support, they have been helping me before. Let’s see who comes with the best answer first.

Also when I’m here, anyone know where I can fix so my steam account is actually linked to this forum, just gives a error atm.