GJail Gamemode Fixes

Okay, has anyone ever played the GJail gamemodes? Anyone? Has a Lua coder actually looked at the code?

It has a lot of bugs. A lot of glitches.

Anyone ever been the the ||GH|| Jail UK Server? They basically fixed every bug and glitch in the gamemode and called it Ghjail. The sad part is that they won’t be releasing that gamemode until V.2 is out…

So what I am requesting, is, can someone code or fix the Gjail gamemode to host on my server? Credit will be given. And I am a little short on cash, so I can’t really pay you.

My idea is to base the gamemode with ULX Admin Mod.

What I want in Gjail:

-Superadmins can access the Spawn Menu (Q) when ENABLE_MAPADMIN = True
-Admins do not get Physguns (Only Superadmins.)
-You spawn with the Combo Fists, and Knifes are randomly given. (Combo Fists: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=65378)
-All Guard weapons have scopes.
-When you are a Superadmin, and spawn a prop, it stays until you say !adminclear
-You can throw knifes, and a knife thrown to the head does 50 damage, and a throw to any other part of the body does 20 damage.
-A Slash to the head with a Knife does 75 damage, and a normal slash to any other part of the body does 20 damage.
-You can not suicide when you are Dead.
-Admins, Operators, and Super Admins have Icons next to their names on tab.
-When you are dead you have to use OOC chat.
-When you join the server it has 2 options. Prisoner Or Guard.
-If you click Guard, you spawn as a Guard, but if that round has started you start as a Dead Guard.
-If you click Prisoner, you spawn as a Prisoner, but if that round has started you start as a Dead Prisoner.
-Blacklist ULX Command:

If an Admin or Superadmin says !blacklist <name>, it will make it so they have an icon by their name, and they cannot be a Guard. Also at the top of their screen it says “<icon of blacklist> You are blacklisted!”

(ulx blacklist <name>)

-The console command “changeteam <1/2/3/4>” is disable (in <1/2/3/4>, but 1, 2, 3, or 4.).

Basically that is what would make Gjail complete :slight_smile:
I doubt anyone will actually do this, but it would be very nice if you did.
The co-owner of my server is owner on some of this, and some of it is already on my server, but I am just wondering if someone can do this, if my co-owner can’t.

My Server:

Thank you!



You don’t have to make ALL of these. I would just like some of them fixed for my server. Some already are. Mostly I would like the blacklist and the changeteam 1/2/3/4 things fixed.

Those seem to be feature requests. What bugs are there specifically?

Mega Bump.

GHjail is gone, broken code. Our coders just gave up and scrapped it. We have a new coder now though who hopefully can return the server to it’s former glory. So right now, there is no fully working jail gamemode, Such a shame.

(||GH|| James)

The havoc gamers clan has a working JB gamemode.

There JB server is quite popular.