GJOCommunity 'Parkour' Build

GJOCommunity ‘Parkour*’ Build is a server in which you build. The reason I call it Parkour Build is because you have double jumping and wall jumping available while you build. Running on gm_bigcity, the largest open city map, you can build, talk, or run around going ‘omgwtfbbq’ everywhere.

To fix one of the rather large problems of the map, the tall buildings with no obvious way up, we have added a weapon called the ‘ninja rope’. Yes, it’s from garrysmod.org. We just saw no reason to reinvent the wheel when it’s already exactly how we want it.

We have a site. The URL of which is GJOCommunity.co.cc. Registration through the site is the only way to register at the moment, but we are working on making in-game registration the only way to register. This will reduce the chance of a spambot raid, so we aren’t just doing it to be dicks.

If you have suggestions for the server, feel free to suggest them in this thread or on the site.

Both the site and the server are mainly managed by me, but the other two owners will occasionally come on to watch the server. Any admin abuse (should an admin abuse) should be reported to me, on here, or on the site.

It’s not technically Parkour, but it has a few things that people often associate with Parkour, so it’s easier to name it that.

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Most of Wiremod will not work. Until the Wiremod team has taken the time to make their mod Linux-compatible, I won’t be putting it on the server.


PHX (SVN)[/ul]
[ul]Advanced Duplicator (SVN)[/ul]
[ul]Exsto (SVN)[/ul]
[ul]Buddy Finder (Newest version I could find on garrysmod.org)[/ul]
[ul]Falco’s Prop Protection (SVN)[/ul]
[ul]PAC: Player Appearance Customizer (SVN)

[ul]Team Fortress 2
(More content will be mounted soon.)

haha something we all say very often.

Loooks good might check out some time

We now use Exsto :neckbeard:

Server updated. Fixed a few things, such as the lights showing through walls.

Also bump.