"Glad you're here with me." - A man and his best friend on the road.

Decided to tweak that ugly ass blond hair horse in Dark Messiah a bit.


I quite like it. The atmosphere is nice.

That horse appears to be intoxicated my good sir


Must be some fucked up fumes out there.

Do like a lot, nice job!

Loving it, great work

Das ist un coolios.

Good job.

“I love horses…”
Looks da good.

Reminded me of the walking dead (the comic version, not the crapy live version)
looks really nice.

I liked the TV version just as much as the comic…

Just to confirm - he IS talking to his gun, right?

Looks fantastic.

I hope he’s talking to the guitar. Or horse.
Because they can answer,unlike the gun

Nice. I rarely see hair edited in well here.


You edit hair or something?

gonna hurt you in a minute chesty

Looks great.

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I think he feeds it drugs. Just sayin’.

Reminds me of The Walking Dead.