Gladiator Arena! (Work In Progress)

This is a rough work in progress but it has been a blast so far. We even have an observer/Game of Thrones deck. It takes a lot of wood with all of the spikes and it’s been randomly decaying. Who wants to come have a battle?! Also, I apologize for any formatting issues in the post; I haven’t really posted on a forum much lately.

How many C4s and grenades do you think this will survive? Also the Spiked walls vanish in one or two days all on their own.

I’m not too concerned about people destroying it. We’ve asserted our dominance on the server and no one really messes with us haha. We have a 13+ Story house right by it which I think is the tallest on the server so far. And yeah I’ve been having to replace the spikes that vanish. Does anyone know if they’re repairable?

yes… its repairable. Wood in hotbar and hit the number with the wood near the spikes

Looks awesome!

Is it supposed to popup with a message or anything? I’ve tried that but never got a notification that it was doing anything.