Gladiator fight game mode?

I think that a gladiator game mode would be a great addon to Gmod
It would include:

1.Two play options

2.Battle area with doors that open at specific times or situations, behind which Gladiators will spawn

3.Viewing area where spectators spawn

4.option to select weapons
(two per player: one distance, and one CQC)

5.Option to kill or spare defeated opponent

6.thumbs up or down option for spectators

7.Traps/obstacles that change each round

Additional things could be added like:

1.time released NPCs to keep the matches short (think tigers from old gladiator battles)

2.winning allows better weapons

3.ability to challenge other players to different competitions

  1. team death-match/capture the flag option for gladiators

  2. area for spectators to bet or sponsor gladiators

6.admin ability to decide who battles who or other match details

Just found out this is in the wrong area, dont bump I will repost in the correct area