GLaDOS Chibi (Second pic ever posed).

Wasn’t gonna post this, but after seeing the other thread with the similar name, what the hell.
Afterall, I know how much all you anime fanboys on FP love it.

Feed me moar boxes.

I was confused by the title, you mean that its the second pose with that model right?

Well, it could use more aperture science on it, and I lol’ed at that skin, whats next? a City 17 Citadel themed chibi? :v:

Nope first pose with that model and my second pic in gmod.
Heh, I posted that pic on Deviantart last June. I was crazy with huge black bars back then.

Ohhh, that justifies the fact that it is so simple :v: no offense ofc.
And I’m still crazy for the black bars, even if they add little to nothing to a picture haha.

Agreed, very very simple. I just saw the other chibi thread and thought, hmmmmm. :slight_smile:

Plus Companion Cube is sex.

That looks quite alright , i like it.

Look powerful with GLaDOS pose.

I can only assume that’s a good thing.

I didn’t know that there were only two poses ever made.

Me neither.

Lol, probably should have put ‘my’ in the title.

I dont know why so many people have a problem with black bars. it SOMETIMES adds a nice touch to a picture

People mostly abuses them and uses them when they shouldnt be used.

It can sometimes be useful for focusing in on a particular character or for a cinematic scene.


here you go, i made it better

You love anime really.

zomg so kawaiiiiii ^__________________^

I hate Anime and i hate it even more in GMod.

Lol apparently Anime isn’t even a word according to the spelling correction thing.

I don’t hate it. I’m not too fond of it though.

But people on Deviant love the shit.