Glados spending her last moment with her lover, Bill he is humping glados eye


Uhhh… i don’t really know what to say.

Mind = :suicide:

This is Win

Old up. Let’s age here for a minute.

It’s like a traffic accident, It’s horrific but I can’t look away.

That’s so hot.
Fukken sav’d.

Not Safe For Work! Porn!

Hey…I WAS GONNA DO THAT :frowning:



And that’s how [sp]Bill died.[/sp]

I have to say, I did not expect this…

wait,so if he creates a portal in his anus,and then the other one on a wall,could he pull shit from it?

god,my last sentence made me sick :barf:


The- oh- no-wait I- wha- um-
What? How do i explain… oh… well