Glass Texture for Source SDK !

I need a glass texture for Source SDK, 2009 Engine, HL 2 EP2 to be more specific :3
If anybody could just make one fast, All i need is some similar stuff to cs_office but since CSS Content wont load when launching EP 2 I cant make windows with good looking glass. So please, just plain glass thingy, with some greenish-tint (or just transparent), any size will do. (but its unlikely i’ll need 512x512 so anything less ^^)
P.S. if you want you can get credits for the window textures on my map. just tell me on steam.

Sure, Hold on!

You can use the stock textures, or make them yourself, a good mapper is required to make textures himself.

All yours!
Just put in materials folder in CS:s and CS:s SDK content folder.
To find it, Search for ‘Hawx’ in material browser.

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Not really… I can’t make textures for shit… But yet, I can make good maps according to the members here.

Hey OP and hawx, would it be okay if I used the glass as well?

Thanks alot !!! :smiley:
Edit: Ronan, hawx is the owner of the texture, i just need it for my map cus i got shitty textures

Ah ok

It’s fine with me, If Juppie agree’s… then sure!


No Problem.

Can I use them too please?

Seeing as the material is pure white and the alpha channel is pure gray, it’s a waste to make it 512512. The way you made it, the texture would also work at a 22 size.

So… Use mine instead: And just tell me if you want something changed.

There is a difference between good maps and good mappers, good maps are only “Good” on the basis of opinion from other users.

Good mappers on the other hand are users who can not only forge levels to bring what they see in their mind to others gaming pleasure, but to also utilize hammer properly, create amazing textures to enhance the visual, and even as far as audio editing to bring it all home :V.

Writing from a shitty School PC :frowning:
Anyways, Hawx my texture appears pink and black squares, am i missing something ?
Got till 9:15 here, so if you wont reply now leave a message on steam

Purp/black texture means the file path leads to nothing, I.E.

The file is at material/texture/lolglass.vtf

but the vmt is reading it being at material/texture/ohgodwhat/lolglass.vtf

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It’s sunday.
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It’s sunday, so I don’t think…Anyways, why from sunday till friday? You only have 1 day ‘weekend’?

2 Days weekend.
Friday, Saturday.
How many days are available in one week ? 7, right ? 5 of them we study. that leaves us 2 days weekend.
btw this thread should be closed, I got the textures working and everything is allright. Thanks alot hawx !!!

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