Glass texture?

I can’t find a good looking glass texture, only the combine textures.

And they have these awful lines.

Maybe there are no other glass textures? But if there are, please tell me the name of them.

THere is one, Trainstation or something. Just make your own.

Could you tell me what programs i need to make my own textures? I’ve got Photoshop CS3, but i guess i need something more.

There’s a nice clear glass texture in portal called “frostedglass” or something like that. It isn’t actually frosted or anything in-game.


Just about to say that >.<

If you were to make it in photoshop, just draw it out colour it and make it transparent. then download VTFedit and import the photoshop picture and save it somewhere in your materials folder of your game, then click create vmt and play with the settings.
This is just BASIC creation though.