I feel glass should be an obtainable resource. It can serve many purposes in game, I feel. To name one, you could make a lantern (My take on that can be found here) Another thing you could make is windows to put into the window frame. Of course it can easily be broken into still, but maybe this way, breaking and entering through someone’s window, it serves a dual purpose: making a glass break noise, alerting anyone inside or nearby, as well as, when entering, instant bleeding from the broken glass. Another idea is crafting syringes which can be loaded up with different crafted medicines or other chemicals to allow benefits in game (such as temporary speed boost, melee damage, etc.) A final idea would be to make bottles, and combine it with low-grade fuel and cloth to make a molotov cocktail, which can be thrown and cause a fire in a small radius, catching anyone in the flames on fire doing considerable damage. All criticisms and ideas welcome! :smile:

Molotovs would be SUPER-FUCKING-OP at this stage of game. Since everyone has wood buildings, the map would look like the deepest corner of hell.
For glass to be obtainable, i think you should have a special smelter furnace made from lots and lots of low quality metal. And at that point it would still be very much shit. I see a lot of weapon potential from the glass, since smelting it along with other materials could make a nice mellee weapon, or a arrow tip?
Glass frames would not be available with that low quality glass, it would be hardly transparent ( From what I know ) You need to purify the material before making the glass. And ofcourse, How would you make a straight plate of glass?

This, my friend, we can agree on.

Of course it would be OP at this stage of the game, but I am not asking for it right now, I am leaving it open for comment, it is just an idea. However, I feel it can be added in later on.

Guess there’s just some things different people can’t agree on

Well, I am open for any criticisms, and I can agree with anything, if enough reason is given on why I should. Like I can agree on the molotov being OP, I just think it can be added in later on maybe.

Nono… You got it wrong, My 2nd reply had nothing to do with this post. it was about me and Daniel Munoz

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And I can see it being added later in game, When there are player made concrete buildings and something more that I can’t think of. But not now :smiley:

I see lol. As for the topic at hand, maybe you can also collect water and put fires out, simple solution to a simple problem.

That adds more problems than it solves.
You can’t just pour water for it to dissapear
You need water physics for that. some kind of a system how pouring water works and that kind.

Good point, I hadn’t considered that. Well, I will admit the idea is starting to lose validity, though thanks for giving me good reasons for why it wouldn’t work, I really appreciate it :smile:

No problem, if you want me to ruin someone elses dreams just PM :slight_smile:

Nah. Kidding :smiley:
I like the idea of glass tho. Would be a nice idea to the game, motly as a weapon. Or if there would be a chance, maybe there would be a more complicated crafting system, like smelters and metal smelters and complcated metal workshops on which you make armor, then you could make metal fragment plated kevlar with reinforced glass for more mellee resistance and less movement speed without changing the bullet resistance?

In other words, I would really love to see customization/complexity in the game. Rewally complex workbenching equipement, hard to make “Crafting Stations”

Like, you couldn’t make weapons and that on a single wooden workbench, you would need a complex metal workbench.

“Complex Metal Workbench” - Requires complex equipements that can be made from blueprints, Like Bench Vice’s, Benders, Grinders, Cutters, moulds and that type of stuffs.

( Bench Vice’s, Benders, Grinders, Cutters, moulds and that type of stuffs would require blueprints to make and lots of “Good quality metal”, cause Low-Quality metal is able to crack when dealing with other metals )

In a complex metal workbench you would be able to make weapon PARTS.

Like sliders, magazines, springs, stocks and that kind of stuff, correct combination makes a different weapon, amost parts differ in size and shape.

Parts require "Reinforced Metal, Well, If you don’t want the gun to blow in your face that is.

You can Break down guns for parts, each part has durability which goes down when used, depends on the parts metal quality.

Only are able to find malufunctioning guns in loot crates, where some parts are broken/useless.

Can only break down guns at metal workbench.

Multiple types of the same ammo, for example 9mm ammo made out of scrap/low-quality,good-quality or reinforced metal, the shittier the quality for the metal, the more it damages durability of parts.

Fuck this turned out longer than I thought. Those are just small ideas I have. So, you like em? :smiley:

Well, you could always craft a bottle and smash it, instant melee weapon, temporary use, but moderate damage and instant bleeding. I also love the idea of reinforced glass, you could create brand new tiers of armor on top of what is already available, like modding it, only its more like reinforcing it! Glass-tipped arrows would also be interesting, where it will cause bleeding, cannot be bandaged, and does not stop bleeding until the fragments are removed. Not sure how that would be done, but I am sure there would be a good workaround somewhere. :smile:

But he did agree with you on it

Why craft a bottle just to smash it? xD
The bottle could maybe store spring water ( Pleae add water springs to the game )

Sorry I should have specified, I meant like that, it can be crafted AND used as a multi-purpose device, but also can be smashed and used as an emergency weapon.

I think glass itself should be craftable. Maybe there can be sand piles near the beach or in barren areas where you can gather sand to craft into glass? The other ingredients would be soda ash and lime, which you might be able to find from rocks where you normally get metal and sulfur ore. Both of those would have to be prepared in a furnace beforehand probably. I’m thinking:

2 sand + 1 soda ash + 1 lime -> furnace = 1 glass

Maybe we can just get a shovel, and collect dirt and sand the same way? I’m not sure how that would be done, as from a coder standpoint I know nothing. However, this would tie in to farming food too. Use the soil with some wood to craft a little garden thing that you can place pretty much wherever.

Seems a little complex, but I think it can work!

I like the overall idea. But it would be to early to bring stuff like that in, as stated above.

And also, i would not like to see “potions” that increase speed/melee dmg/strength and so on…

I like the idea of this game being fast phased and that we are all left with equal chanse to survive and that it come’s down to player skill.

Not to bring up the stupid argument, but that sounds a lot like Minecraft. How about instead you can craft syringes with glass and a metal fragment or two?