What do you guys think about having glass/windows in game? Maybe if you smash the window you could get glass parts and craft binoculars etc?

Nek minnit all glass is smashed because who doesnt like breaking glass or shooting at it as you pass by. Trillions of binoculars! !!

You’ll need LQM and Glass to craft the binos…

How would you use it, IMO it should easily break with melee or 1 shot, not something I would like to put in my base, besides you can’t shoot from inside to people outside. I can see it put in the rad town buildings maybe…

Smashing the glass with any close melee could cause bleeding effect on the player?

If it’s hand made glass, it would be stupidly thick and melee wouldn’t do anything, probably wouldn’t be see thru either :wink:

I want a steel floor grate for skylights before glass. Glass in the rad towns would be useful as a resource to harvest, as well as making a bit of noise and making you a target when you break it out to gather pieces, however as it stands there are no uses for glass in the game. Perhaps in the future when additional optics are added glass as a necessary component to binoculars and scopes it would be more useful.

Glass is about the most fragile building material ever. Not something very useful in a game where one of the main goals is to break into other people’s homes.

Then what’s the point of having it in the first place?

glass needed as material, u r right. and not only for windows, but for optic devices, tools, containers and, finally, optical fiber to connect shacks in rust network.

I would want shutters for windows, before glass. Shutters could be opened/closed as needed, and would help to keep raiders from shooting through the windows, until you’re ready to fire back.

You sure you want a see-thru roof with the patrol helicopter flying around?

Need murder holes!

Haha. It woul be epic if they add glasses and the things that make holes in a glass

When they decide to overhaul crafting they will probably add glass in some form. With how picky people are about “realism”, I’m surprised no one called out how you can make a Flashlight, Laser Sight or Holo Scope without access to glass.

Sorry just got back from school, what my idea is. You can get like a upgraded version of a furnance which allows you to smelt stuff. You could go out and gather sand and more to smelt it to glass. With that you can either use to make binos, or windows, even sun glasses:quagmire: Destroying the glass by hand can cause harm, and infections?

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Oh and also you could have like reinforced glass, and double glazing glass etc

That was my point, I could understand salvaging glass from buildings/vehicles but not making it ourselves.

Sounds like a plan!