GlassCannon Gaming[25%craft-events]Sleepers+few bolt rifles hidden across the map

Come Survive with us at our GlassCannon Gaming Rust Server. Our IP:
(you can use IP to join by pressing F1 at the title screen and entering “net.connect” then pressing enter).

We have Active Admins who host small events and 25% faster crafting.
Until the Bolt Action Rifle is obtainable in-game we will be placing 1-2 random chests with one in it.
And if server count reaches 25 we will place a Bolt Action Rifle in a random loot spot, Happy Hunting!!

Server Rules:

  • No Racism
  • No Exploiting/Cheating in any way
  • No Server Advertising
  • No Complaining about about being killed.

At GlassCannon Gaming we promote fun, clean servers with No Downtime.